Play as the accountant of an overcrowded shelter on the edge of bankruptcy. Government grants and private donors have failed you. Now, you must get your feet on the ground and uncover the truth of the recent explosion of the local stray population.

Made for Weekly Game Jam 85. It's a shallow adventure platformer without much challenge, but it does have two endings. A lot of content was cut because I had to finish fast. I like it, though, because it's my first finished game that isn't a high school assignment. Learned a lot!


  • Up - W, Up Arrow, Up stick
  • Left - A, Left Arrow, Left Stick
  • Down - S, Down Arrow, Down Stick
  • Right - D, Right Arrow, Right Stick
  • Interact - Space, XBOX A, PS X
  • Jump - E, XBOX Y, PS triangle


  • Hamish T. Elwell - The hero accountant. Alma mater, University of Chicago.
  • Candice Steele - Head dog catcher. Took the position to make a difference.
  • Small Thing - Easily excited but also easily bored.
  • Julian Waits - The ice cream man. His first big reinvestment will go to a stall.


  • Controller controls haven't been tested yet
  • Windows & Linux stand-alone versions fail to load main after opening dialogue, so they can't be played. I bet Mac has the same problem. I removed them all for now.


  • coding + art by chimchooree
  • #WeeklyGameJam #WGJGame

February 27, 2019 @ 10:52 PM P.M. CST


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