Click 'run prototype' to play. Sometimes it loads slow or the screen stays black, so refresh if it does that.


Play as the new sales associate of Blue Planet, a dream boutique in the big city. Get to know your customers, hear them out, and suggest just the right clothes for the occasion. Impress your boss enough and she'll trust you with makeup and hair requests, and maybe even allow you to design new clothes for the shop. No pressure!

Version: First Playable Build ~ Win/Lose State

This extremely shallow prototype is inspired by Girls Mode and dressup games like Rinmarugame's. One of my goals for Blue Planet is to learn how to update a live project, so I will be exporting often and experimenting with patches.

The main goal of this version was the win/lose state, but the bare bones gameplay is also present: selecting/deselecting clothing, dressing/undressing the customer, requests, dialogue, tutorial, a 'finished' button, a reset button, customers, and clothes.


  • Left Mouse Button - Click on clothes to select/deselect; click on 'done' button to score your suggestion; click 'play again' button to reset the game.


  • Yuuna Ohno - (You) The newbie sales associate at Blue Planet. She thinks she has an acrylic allergy.
  • Marine Katz - Blue Planet CEO. She's a tetrachromat.
  • Aristen - The only customer so far. She's highly disciplined from years of MMA training and doesn't talk much. She's way misrepresented in-game.
  • Charity - The blonde girl on the cover. A currently inaccessible customer in the game. She gets embarrassed when pressured to download store apps because she's a Luddite.


  • Blue Planet is a playable prototype, and I dunno where it's going to end up. Watch the game's progress.
  • Only HTML5 is supported for now. 
  • Only Mouse Input is supported for now. 
  • The game's named after Bisky's favorite card in Greed Island, but I remembered there's also a brand out there called Planet Blue. I'll have to change it but dunno what else sounds cool.


  • coding + art by chimchooree
  • Tools: Godot Engine 3.1, GraphicsGale

First Playable Edition ~ Win/Lose State @ July 17, 2019

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